Anyone that register to be a member in Mtown88 ( www.mtown88.com ) is entitled for this M-Coin Rewards Program
Each top up of RM1000 entitled for 1 M-Coin. If a member makes a deposit of RM500, will get 0.5 M-Coin.
No, Member may choose to either redeem gifts from M-Coin or transfer the Mcoin into credits.
The Credits or Gifts can be redeem through Redemption Shop.
Few extra steps. You have to create your redemption membership first before claiming any gifts or credit from M-Coins.
Mcoin will have a 3-month expiry date. For example, if a member gets 100 Mcoin each month from January to March, in total he will get 300 Mcoin. If any of the Mcoin not used by April, the January’s Mcoin will be forfeited, which left a balance of 200 Mcoin.
No, Mcoin is not transferable among members.
Member can check their M-Coins available balance via their own “My Account” in the M-Square portal. Daily M-Coin balance will be updated by 4am. Or member may also contact Customer Service Officer using Live Chat to check.
- M-coin can only be redeem in this M-SQUARE portal. - Member can choose any gift from the “Redemption Shop” in the website. - Register an account for yourself, add your preferred prize(s) into cart and check out. - Kindly notify your username and your contact number to our customer service for your membership verification (For both M-Square and MTown88). - Our customer service officer will process your redemption as soon as possible.
a. For member who selects M-Coins to be converted to Game Credit will be credited into members preferred game ID within 15 minutes. b. Gift that is redeemed through M-coin will be posted on 28th of each month. Estimated arrival time will be depending on the courier service.