How To Collect Mcoin?

You will automatically receive your Mcoins once you have deposited a certain amount of money.

For example, Deposit 500, Get 0.5 Mcoin; Deposit 1000, Get 1.0 Mcoin.

The numbers of Mcoins will be given out differently according to special events or promotions.

What is the purpose of Mcoin?

It is a token of appreciation to our MTOWN88’s customers. You can use it to exchange for game credits.

How to exchange Mcoin into game credits?

You can contact our MTOWN88’s customer service team via our official Telegram,Wechat,Whatsapp for more information.

How many game credits can be exchanged from Mcoin?

The game credits can be exchanged according to the Mcoin Rate, Which will be updated every Monday.

Is there an expiration for the Mcoins?

No. You can accumulate the Mcoins and exchanged them whenever you want.


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